The art of Cora

The art of Cora

"Art is not to be able to do, not to be able to do otherwise."

Cora opened here each Lessons in art history with this sentence.

The Art from Cora came therefore, that she couldn’t to twiddle one's thumbs.
Therefore, every object was taken, transformed, painted and came to be unique. Bottles, Draperies, pieces of furniture,…. There were no limitations at her fantasy. Also, she changed often the procedure, like after a certain time it would come to bored to her, to use the whole time the same method.

But the art from Cora wasn’t just a pastime, a hobby. Coras art came from her spirit and from the bottom of her heart. In her pictures, the favorites topic is finding always their place: the politics, feminism, justness, environmental problems, battle against violence, especially Love.

In her objects, love found always time the way to stay in. And with this love in her heart, that she painted in her free time. Sitting on her big table made from two timber jacks and a piece of wood, dipped her brush into the china ink and drew, always hand free, the borders of her creatures. In her pictorial method, the china ink was one of her fewer constant component part. By and by she added oil pastels, watercolors, colored pencils.

Her studio reflected her personality and how she affronted her live. Multicolored, only apparently orderless, the important tools always in reaching distance. Bay mounted in a rack her a part of her immense collection of books, from what she has taken her inspirations and give pleasure to her. At the wall a small sideboard with all the oil pastels, ordered by color. Easel and small folders leant against the remaining walls, surrounded by drawings and pictures, if they weren’t painted directly out of the fantasy characters from Cora. In front of her studio, the balcony, where every Springtime came with accurate picked out flowers: Sunflowers, cherry Tomato, forget-me-not, tagetes, some potatoes. And together with all the plants, small creatures like painted stones, pendulum, small sculptures.

In all these years her drawings and her collages settled slowly our house, loaded with Color, passion and Happiness. She liked to say, especially in the last years the house came “A work of Art”.

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An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have but that he – for some reason – thinks it would be a good idea to give them. (Andy Warhol)

Short biography

  • Born 1949 in Bern
  • Married, mother of three grown children and one adopted daughter
  • Lived and worked in Stabio (TI) until 2009
  • From 1973-75 Study of Remedial Education at the University of Zurich (HPS)
  • From 1978-79 to the F + F (a school for color and shape) in Zurich
  • Several trips to Europe and Africa
  • Worked from 1978-2004 as a medical educator
  • From 1996-2000 as a part time lecturer in art history at the College of Social Professions Education in Bremgarten (AG)
  • Presented since 1981 in solo and group exhibitions in various cantons of Switzerland
  • From 2004 freelance artist